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Team Leader

Ahmed Hadji has 8 years of experience in the Peace, security and development field, and is an expert in the analysis of violent extremism, radicalization and conflict and counter and preventative strategies and programs.

He is the Team leader and Co- founder at the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum (UMYDF) – -an organization  he co-founded after being a victim of the Kyadondo Rugby grounds Bomb Blast that claimed 74 lives and injured 75 on July 11th 2010 in Kampala Uganda. Instead of sitting back and blaming the government, or the Radical Muslims, he and his colleague Ndugwa Hassan started the very active process of creating dialogue across faith boundaries, building capacity of the young people and Imams, advancing conflict prevention, resolution and reconciliation projects engaging the religious sector, so that the youth do not become target of radicalization.

Ahmed is also one of the pioneer members of the Generation Change Global Fellows program implemented by the United States Institute for Peace (USIP).

He has an-depth knowledge and understanding of East African context, major challenges and threats where he has designed innovative methodologies for understanding radicalization and addressing specific needs in the de radicalization and counter-violent extremism domain.

Ahmed has spoken at the US White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), African study and Research on Terrorism, African Union Peace and Security Platforms, African Centre for Strategic Studies, UN General Assembly Summit on Countering ISIL, United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and the George Marshall Center for European studies.

He holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights and Governance from Martyrs University and is pursuing a PhD program in Peace and Comparative Religion studies at Makerere University in Uganda and  with content support from George Mason University, USA.

Ahmed Hadji

Team Leader

Phone: +256702799015
Mail: ahmedhadji5@gmail.com


  • M.( Local Governance and Human Rights) from Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi .
  •  PhD ( Peace and Comparative Religion studies) from Makerere University

Areas of Expertise

  • Peace and Security
  • Research
  • P/CVE