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Assistant Programs

Zainab Ali helps in training the youth to aspire and become peace agents of Positive Social Change and Transformation in their communities.

She is a well trained peace builder, researcher, mediator, negotiator and a public speaker; abilities that allows her to work well in a multi-cultural environment.

Zainab heads the communication and social media platform as well as some of our outreach programs in communities.

She is in charge of reaching out to schools and communities to inspire and cultivate new generations of peace advocates by offering transformative learning and professional development opportunities that build their capacity and empower the  youth to transform conflict and engage effectively in social issues of pressing concern.

‘’ As a social entrepreneur, peace builder and community activist, I have chosen to devote my life towards pursuits and ambitions that can better life for humankind within and beyond my lifetime and generation.’’

She has received part of her training in Peace and Mediation, conflict analysis and interfaith dialogue at United States Institute of Peace (USIP).

Zainab is a strong communicator, fluent in more than two international languages which simply enables her to engage effortlessly with people from different diversity.

Zainab Ali

Communications Officer

Phone: +256781439746


  • B.Sc.(Marketing) from Makerere University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Research (PAR)
  • Peace building