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Is a program that takes a whole of society approach to P/CVE, designed to empower, build capacity and expand prevention activities beyond religious leaders and youth to include the participation of community change agents such as; teachers, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, pastors, imams, school matrons and wardens, journalists, artists, university deans, radio talk hosts etc.


Is a program designed to focus on young people combating hate speech online by inspiring youth to positively speak out on their challenges especially those who have been exposed to violence in all its forms, as a means to support and enhance the positive role of young people, Amani Leo ( a Swahili word meaning ‘Peace Today’) is a powerful example of an online platform designed  to  counter  online hate speech through creating a basis  for the young people to dialogue , network and build relationships through different avenues.


Is a program designed to support the teaching and learning of Madrasa Tutors for Mosque based Madrasa’s or supplementary schools that seeks to support and nature the student learning experience and has a very clear focus on Protecting children and young people in their care from harm through a robust  approach to safeguarding. The program also incorporates the latest Islamic education curriculum, safeguarding principals, management, operational and procedural frame works to support Mosque, Madrasa and School staff to run the educational center. As a means of contributing to improved quality education through better trained teachers, improved learning resources and effective quality assurance system.


The PVE through education is a program that focuses particularly on the role of education in preventing of violence and violent extremism. The program is also aimed at providing the students with the right knowledge and skills in peace building and conflict management especially among the youth in school because it’s prudent to “catch them when they are still young.

The School-based program contains 2 core components, which are as follows:

Participatory Approach Research (A student led research on their own situations)

Is a research training program designed to use active and participatory learning methods to engage young people in schools. The training program holds a tremendous potential for providing the means by which students can initiate inquiry, develop skills and provide recommendations that will help address some of the challenges the youth face as well as inspire students to reflect on their role as leaders and peace builders in their communities.

High School Peace Clubs

The program is designed to deliver a dual Education and Training curriculum on Conflict Resolution Skills and Participatory Action Research for locally led peace building and preventing violent extremism, through building a culture of peace and non-violence among youth and children through education.