Our History

Our History

by eliteug_umydf

For nearly nine years the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum (UMYDF) has witnessed tremendous growth as a faith-based, non-governmental and non-profit organization engaged in Youth peace building, conflict resolution, promoting inclusive governance and development in Uganda and East Africa.

Youth leaders, Ahmed Hadji and Ndugwa Hassan from Kampala in Central Uganda today work together to teach youth leaders to resolve their conflicts peacefully. But they did not start out as peacemakers. Nine years ago, Ahmed Hadji and Ndugwa Hassan were victims of the Kyadondo Rugby grounds Bomb Blast that claimed 74 lives and injured 75 on July 11th 2010 in Kampala Uganda. Instead of sitting back and blaming the government, or the Radical Muslims, they started the UMYDF, a faith based grass-roots peace building organization, avery active platform of creating dialogue, and building capacity of the young people and religious leaders, so that the youth do not become target of radicalization or mortal enemies, with intent on killing one another in the name of religion.

 Their organization, now with over 20,000 youth community members, reaches into the youth gangs and trains the country’s youth—as well as women, religious figures, traditional and tribal leaders—tobecome civic peace activists. UMYDF holds facilitative training sessions to engage Youth and community members in employable skills, peaceful co-existence and cooperation.

The dynamic duo remains committed to a peaceful Uganda and East Africa through their work with the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum.