Founded in 2011 by 2 young survivors of the 2010 terrorist attack on the Kyadondo rugby grounds in Kampala, Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum (UMYDF) is a Non-profit, Faith-Based Peacebuilding and Development organisation that seeks to address root causes and effects of violent conflicts through Education, Research, Art, Sports, Gardening, Dialogue, Advocacy, and Strategic Communications.

Inspired by Islamic faith traditions of Peace, Justice, Compassion and Sacredness of human life, the organisation promotes values of peace, pluralism, and Prevention/Countering of Violent Extremism.

UMYDF works with and serves people of all faiths, and those who have none.



To advance a culture of non-violence and peaceful co-existence among youth and communities through Education and Knowledge Exchange, Research, Dialogue, Advocacy, Sports, Art, Strategic communications.



A world comprising of resilient and just societies where every individual’s right to peace, dignity, and prosperity is fulfilled.


Training & Educating For Peace

We provide a wide range of training, education, and knowledge sharing opportunities to build the capacity of youth, youth workers, institutions, and peace & security stakeholders working to respond and prevent violent conflict.


We invest resources in producing new knowledge that advances understanding of conflict dynamics and informs evidenced based peace building and P/CVE programming.

Dialogue & Advocacy

Through dialogue and strategic advocacy engagements, UMYDF helps shape public policy and priorities that advance peace nationally, and regionally.

Gardening & Sports 4 peace

We harness the power of sport and gardening to celebrate the beauty of diversity, and to advance social inclusion, conflict prevention, peace building, and friendship among people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Strategic Communications

We employ our knowledge and passion for communication to engage with activities that inspire and persuade our target beneficiaries to adopt narratives that promote peace and advance social cohesion.


We engage in carefully selected and organized art based activities that foster positive behavioral change and uplift voices of the dis-empowered.

Early Warning & Early Response

we work with local people who live in violence-prone areas that have better access to the best and most reliable information and understanding of the dynamics of conflict and violence to advance understanding of conflict dynamics, inform early warning & early response, and facilitate evidenced based programming.


Working through its Friends of Peace Network, High School Peace Clubs and regional partner networking forums, UMYDF uses its convening power to further opportunities for ideas and knowledge exchange among youth and thought leaders of our time. We promote peace and contribute to preventing violent conflicts through strong grassroots, national, regional, continental, and global partnerships and collaboration.


  • Quest for peace through (principle of loving-kindness)
  • Pluralism, diversity, and human solidarity through the principle of (the oneness of God)
  • Universality, dignity and sacredness of humanity through the principle of (the original nature of human beings)
  • Social empowerment by doing good through the principle of (stewardship)
  • Transformation of relationships and rehumanisation through the principles of (compassion and mercy)
  • Pursuit of justice, equality and fairness through the principle of (justice)
  • Reconciliation and healing through the principles of (pardoning and forgiveness)
  • Nonviolent and creative solutions to problems through the principle of (patience)


  • Conflict Analysis &Transformation
  • Violent Extremism
  • Religion & Inter-faith
  • Governance & Fragility
  • Civilian- Security Relations
  • PVE Early warning & Early response