The International day of peace provides a globally shared date for UMYDF to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds in celebration, reflection, and renewal of their commitments to peace. Held in celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace , the Annual Peace summit is one of UMYDF’s activities under “Preventing Violent Extremism through Education: Nurturing for peace” program . Focused on students in peace clubs within partner secondary schools, The purpose of the program is to strengthen individual and community resilience to violent extremism and Increasing access to quality and relevant conflict-sensitive information and education.

Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum represented Ugandan CSOs working in P/CVE in a High-Level Meeting that validated the IGAD Regional Strategy for P/CVE. In light of the complex terrain of Violent Extremism, the strategy stresses the need for a long-term view of the efforts to neutralize violent extremism, and provides a comprehensive regional framework for the coordination of regional engagement; creating platforms for cooperation and coordination among regional states; generating and sharing research perspectives to better understand the drivers of violent extremism, mobilize effective interventions and inform evidence-driven policy and action; and to strengthen the capacity of regional governments and non-state actors to reject and resist radicalization to violence.
The overall objective of the regional strategy is to enhance the collective capacity of regional actors to prevent and counter violent extremism.

Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum staff have been extensively engaged in consultations conducted by the National Technical Committee drafting the country’s P/CVE Strategy. The strategy considers a “Whole of government”, and “Whole of Society” approach to P/CVE and is aimed at providing a national pathway to responding and changing conditions driving VE.