Scope/Working Area of Organization

Strengthen individuals and institutions working for peace and improve the analytical, educational and other resources UMYDF provides to them.

UMYDF conducts and publishes cutting-edge research and analysis. This research and analysis is evidence-based and practically-oriented to help those seeking more effective policies and practices to prevent and resolve conflict without violence.

Strengthen Resilience

Social cohesion and human security in conflict-affected contexts; including countries at risk of – or experiencing and recovering from – conflict. Through outreach and influencing policies and practices for peace building.

Strengthen UMYDF’s Public Engagement.

UMYDF requires widespread support and engagement to accomplish our mission. UMYDF must therefore communicate our priorities and activities more effectively, through an improved website, more compelling print and web-based materials.

Leverage Relationships and Partnerships

UMYDF’s approach relies on an extensive network of young people and partners in communities and around the world. This network allows us to tap the best and most relevant expertise to address unique conflict dynamics, connect disparate communities and bridge divides.

Strengthen Evaluation and Learning

UMYDF works in incredibly in a complex environment on incredibly difficult challenges. Having more impact requires even more rigorous efforts to evaluate our efforts and learn from both successes and failures.

Leadership, Organization & Human Resources

Provides strategic and innovative programming opportunities that are aligned with the overall organizational objectives; manages and oversees the projects and affiliated partners; helps identify capable and accountable actors that would help lead efforts to effectively support the organization and document program learning; and facilitate effective communications between UMYDF and the partners regarding program activities.

Supports the Team leader by helping to develop project priorities, identifying potential allies and research institutions, developing proposals, monitoring progress, and reviewing initial drafts.

Responsible for handling the organization funds, preparing activity budgets and financial reports. Working with the other staff, the finance manager ensures that reporting timelines are met by each department and will lead the review of financial expenditures.

The CO is responsible for effectively disseminating information about the organization activities and research findings through briefings of key stakeholders and participation in and convening of working groups or events.

The PAs manage partnerships with UMYDF counterparts, including communicating work that is currently being supported, developing ideas for potential programming, and assisting in the drafting of project concept notes and funding proposals.