Amani Leo

Amani Leo is an initiative of the UMYDF that focuses on promoting peace, delegitimizing hate speech and providing peaceful alternatives to the problems that inflame violence in Uganda through social media. Amani Leo has reached over 50, 000 online views through its different posts and engagements.
The initiative started as part of the global peer-to-peer challenge that engages young people around the world to counter online hate speech while creating awareness against violence and violent extremism.

Afrika Moja – an umbrella platform for civil society organizations in the Horn and Eastern Africa region that implement campaigns aimed at countering violent extremism in the region. The objective of the platform is to challenge the current violent extremist narratives, promote local voices, and highlight success stories inspiring communities.

With the growing need to understand strategic communication in preventing or dissuading people, especially those at risk, from joining violent extremist groups, as well as the growing threat of violent extremism and terrorism on the African continent, responses to these threats have warranted the need for community-based interventions. UMYDF actively participated in the UNDP APP Africa bureau convened team of experts that helped in developing the UNDP PVE APP and the counter Narrative toolkit.

One such key intervention is the engagement of media and alternative messaging to build cohesion, foster partnerships and provide alternative narratives as a preventative as well as a remedial measure.