UMYDF facilitates training sessions to engage Youth and community members in employable skills, peaceful co-existence and cooperation.


The leadership Camp is a platform created for Youth to connect, reflect and engage on the most painful and divisive issues of our time, sharing their personal experiences, reflecting on competing narratives, and challenging each other’s prejudices. Through dialogue, young people also get to reflect on their identities and gained insights in to the dynamics that perpetuate conflict, laying the ground work necessary for exploring and addressing these dynamics through local peace programs once they return to their communities.


UMYDF-Katwe Skills Center is a project of UMYDF’s multifaceted program; “Preventing Violence Extremism through Education, Nurturing for Peace.” The center was established with an objective of enhancing vocational skills and providing positive alternatives to ate risk youth. The center has so far had 2 admission intakes in the year 2018, and over 90 youth successfully completing their studies and graduated successfully


Business for Peace is a one of the most engaging UMYDF program that focuses on training youth from selected at-risk areas of Kampala and Wakiso districts. As a means of Empowering and equipping the youth with the right skills in business selection and management to enable them start small businesses that will generate them incomes, hence strengthening their resilience to violent extremism


Is a program designed to support the teaching and learning of Madrasa Tutors for Mosque based Madrasa’s or supplementary schools that seeks to support and nature the student learning experience and has a very clear focus on Protecting children and young people in their care from harm through a robust approach to safeguarding. The program also incorporates the latest Islamic education curriculum, safeguarding principals, management, operational and procedural frame works to support Mosque, Madrasa and School staff to run the educational center. As a means of contributing to improved quality education through better trained teachers, improved learning resources and effective quality assurance system.


Impacting over 8000 people, the program introduces youth in secondary schools to key concepts and skills in conflict management and peace building- helping to create a new breed of peace Ambassadors. The program is designed to deliver a dual Education and Training curriculum including locally led Participatory Action Research for Peace Building and Preventing Violent Extremism. The center has so far had 2 admission intakes in the year 2018, and over 90 youth successfully completing their studies and graduated successfully


In order to equip and re-energize Educators with knowledge and skills in peace, conflict management and PAR, the program is aimed at building on their foundation as well as further enhancing the knowledge and skills capacity of the Educators to enable them take full charge of the process of administration, operating, promoting and sustaining peace clubs.


Reaching upto 250 professional, from different back grounds across 5 countries, the program employs a whole of society approach to P/CVE, designed to empower, build capacity and expand prevention activities beyond religious leaders and youth to include the participation of community change agents such as; teachers, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, pastors, imams, school matrons and wardens, journalists, artists,psychologists, university deans, radio talk hosts etc.